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Chapter 1: Country Roads Take Me Home.


"Do you have everything Lillian? I'm not having you going all that way and-" My mum asked looking up at me while I'm tidying up boxes on my cart. She had her blonde hair up in a neat bun a little bit of make-up on, her pale blue dress and white cotton jacket on. It was a Monday and she always went to go visit grandma on Monday and she had to dress well because grandma isn't a farmer she's a lady and doesn't approve of my mum's choice of living. I tighten up the rope that's going to keep the boxes in place while on the road and hop down so I'm at my mum's level.

"Yes mum I promise I checked it three times, you were there for two of them!" I replied with a hint of annoyance in my voice. I just want to go mama! Her face changed from stern to calm after that and she wrapped her arms around me.

"I wish you wouldn't leave so soon Lil, there are plenty of other men in town" I could hear her trying to hold back the tears. Please don't cry mum please! She let go of me and i placed my hands on her shoulders.

"That's not just why I'm leaving mum; I want the adventure you had when you came to this town, not knowing anybody, nobody knowing your past!" i trailed off. "Maybe even meeting someone better for me than James".
My mum wiped the tear that was rolling down her face and smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

"I'm so proud of you Lillian, don't forget that" She whimpered a little.
We were stood there in embrace crying for about twenty more minutes until my horse Ozzy started to get restless and basically saying 'get to it it's time to go!'. My mum let go of my arms and wiped her tears.

"This is a letter your dad wrote last night, he is so angry that he can't see you off but he needs to work at the vineyard. He said if you read it when you get there it will have more effect" She said placing the letter in my hands. I slipped it into my denim jeans pocket and patted the pocket. Thank you daddy.

"Okay mum i really need to go" i whined wiping my tears away, and giving her one last hug.

"Wait!" a male voice shouted.

"Oh crap!" me and my mum shouted in unison. I quickly i kissed her on the cheek then hopped onto Ozzy. I whipped the reigns and Ozzy started walking quickly. I turned and waved my mother goodbye with tears welling in my eyes, i could see she was crying. I love you mum, I’ll miss you!

Half way out of town i heard the male voice again shouting my name. When will he take the hint!?

"Leave me alone!" i scream to voice i assume to be James. Out of nowhere he jumps out in front of Ozzy and my poor horse had to come to an abrupt stop. "What do you think you're doing? Ozzy could of killed you!"

"I couldn't have you leaving town without one last present" he spoke calmly coming to the left side of Ozzy.

"I want nothing from you James" i didn't even look him in the eyes.

"I understand why, but understand i do love you" he started lecturing. I let out a little sarcastic laugh still not looking at him. "So just take this okay!" he shouted at me taking my hand and placing a gold necklace in my hand. I stared down at the shining wonder, it had the words 'Lillian, my love' engraved on the front. Now I was nearly in tears again so before James could see I whipped the reigns and had Ozzy running off into the early morning sun.


The ride to the top of the mountain between Bluebell and Konohana was a long one, at least six hours, the sun was getting low in the sky and the sky was starting to turn orange. I still have a few hours till nightfall. I could see both villages from where i was, both looking busy with the villagers running about.

Few more moments looking at both villages if decided to start heading for bluebell as the farm in Konohana was already taken. I'll just make friends with both villages. I whipped the reigns and got Ozzy into gear walking again.
After about half an hour of riding down the track and dodging a bear i thought i was nearly there but the track seemed to carry on forever. I stopped near a river to let Ozzy have a rest and a drink and to wet my face.

Lifting my face up after splashing several times and wiping on a towel from my satchel a noticed a dark blonde haired boy sat on the edge of the river, grey pants rolled up to his knees and his shins in the water. He was wearing a light grey shirt with a purple waist coat and lose yellow tie. He was also wearing a purple tartan pattern cap that fitted perfectly on his head. I found myself staring at him noticing how attractive and cute he was. He picked up a blue daisy that was next to him, he smelled the flower and smiled to himself or so I thought.

"Can I help you?" he asked calmly but loudly so i could hear. I could feel my cheeks burn up while i tried to figure out what to say.

Once I was composed i looked back at the boy who was now stood up trousers down properly with no wet patches and shoes on, like he had never even had his legs in the water. He calmly and smoothly walked towards me with such grace; he stopped about three steps and away from me and placed a hand on his hip.

"Um, sorry about that... i was just wondering if you knew how far away Bluebell town was from here." He looked me up and down and i suddenly felt very open even though i was in jeans and my red tartan shirt and walking boots. Within a second his composer changed and he was calmer. What's his deal?

"You must be the new farmer we have arriving, I'm sorry for making you jump before" He took my hand and kissed it. "My name is Cam, you are?" He asked. For a second i forgot who i was.

"My name is Lillian" I smiled politely like grandma always said to do when i met new people. He smiled back then put both his hands halfway into his pants side pockets.

"Would you like me to escort you and your horse to Bluebell then to the mayor?" he asked gesturing further down the track. I took this as i wasn't far and didn't need him to escort me but he did seem kind.

I politely accepted his offer and led him back to my cart where instantly Ozzy took to Cam and pushed his face into him wanting a stroke.

"That's Ozzy he can be too friendly so if you want me to make him stop I can" I stated hopping onto Ozzy's back.

"He's okay I don't mind horses" He smiled giving him a stroke. "This way" he pointed and walking ahead. I gave Ozzy a nudge and he started walking.


After a short walk and a nice brief conversation with Cam he took me to the gates of the village were an old man was stood. Cam instantly walked over and said hello to the man. When they were done Cam brought the man over and introduced me to him.

"Lillian this is Mayor Rutger, Mayor Rutger this is Lillian" The man inspected me up and down like Cam did, the only difference i didn't feel exposed.

"Miss Lillian! Welcome to our humble village!" He finally spoke "It seems you have already made a friend, which is good"

"Good evening Mr Rutger" i smiled and held my hand out. He instantly took it and shook it vigorously. I looked to the side were Cam was stood and noticed he wasn't there anymore. I looked back at the mayor with a confused face.

"Lad will have to get back home, plus he isn't one to stick around and talk. Come ill show you your farm" he gestured for me to follow him. I did making Ozzy walk again. I'm sure Ozzy and me will sleep well tonight!
Broken Hearts and Fruity Tarts: Ch.1 (re-uploaded)
In this chapter Lillian decides she can't be in the same village as James after he broke her heart so she chose to move to the quiet town of bluebell and along the way makes a new cute friend.


Lillian, Cam, Rutger (c) natsume nintendo 

i hope you enjoy! :iconblushplz: 
Last delivery of the day thought the dirty blonde haired purple eyed girl. She was walking through her town carrying a heavy crate full of assorted wines, mainly peach as it was her families own special flavour. All afternoon she had to deliver different amounts of bottles to different people, but she had saved the best till last. After delivering to Doug the inn owner the girl hurried herself back to her family's farm to change outfits, re-do hair and put on a little make-up.

"Dress to impress is what mum always told me" She practically sang into the mirror. After pulling up her pink cotton flower pattern dress her mother had made for and putting her flat shoes she headed out the door with the crate in her arms and him on her mind.

Once she arrived at the blacksmiths house she knocked on the door 3 times and waited for the door to open, after waiting several minutes with no answer she thought it was strange, checking her watch she saw it was only 3:30pm and the shop should still be open. She knocked again and waited. No answer. The girl started to get uneasy if he wasn't answering the door then his father Mr Grey should be.

She raised her hand to knock again hoping '3 times the charm' would work in her case. Before her knuckle could touch the wooden door she heard a young girl's giggle and voice saying,

"Oh James you're so sweet!"
who was this girl!? The dirty blonde haired girl thought. I have to find out!
Walking round to the window the curtains were shut, more alarm bells were ringing. Well if he won't answer the door and I need to deliver this or papa won't be happy... I'll just let myself in.

The girl hesitated at first to even grab the door handle, but she soon gained courage and opened the door and felt the tears start to flow. What she saw broke her heart into a million unfixable pieces, made the tears flow and her body start to shake with anger. She saw the love of her life down on one knee to her best friend placing a ring on her finger.

Once the two had noticed that the dirty blonde haired girl was standing there after giving each other a kiss the boy looked more shocked than her friend, with her friend smirking and putting her arm around the boy and the boy looking straight at the dirty blonde haired girl with devastation on his face.

"Oh my, Lillian! I... It's not what it looks like..." The boy mumbled. The girl had none of it just ignoring the boys plea and walking into the house, placing the crate on the table and looking her friend straight in the eye.

"You... You knew how i felt about him! And you go behind my back!" She shouted tears flowing down her cheeks. "You had Kyle! What did i do for you to hurt me so much, Angel? I've stood by you through everything! You were my best and closest friend and you betray me! And stop smirking!" She screamed then slapped the girl.

"Lillian stop this now!" The boy demanded pushing her to the side so he can check on the other girl. The dirty blonde haired girl stood there watching as the person who meant most to her, who she loved with all her heart kiss and check if the girl, who was meant to be her friend.

"How dare you James" The girl finally said. The boy looked at her in eyes and saw nothing but pain and soon changed his tune.

"I'm so sorry Lillian I-" The boy started

"I don't want to hear it James!" she screamed. "You told me yesterday that you felt the same way about me! You told me that from the first moment you met me you loved me! And you do this to me! You don't understand the pain im going through seeing you and her! Together!"

The boy just looked down at the ground not able to answer.

"Lillian babe" The other girl whined. "Again I've won and you've lost! When it comes to marriage we have to be quick"

"Was Kyle no good? He treated you like you were a fucking goddess Angel! He would eat dirt for you! But that wasn't enough... you have to cause pain everywhere you go..."
The couple just looked at her unable to answer.

"You know what? Forget it! I've lost three things today... My best friend and the person i loved the most..." She shouted walking out the door.

"Wait, that's two things..."

"What's the third?" The dirty blonde haired girl poked her head around the door frame and said.

"My heart..." Then the girl ran out the door crying.
Broken Hearts and Fruity Tarts: Prologue (updated)
So if you've heard this story before then you're not wrong i re uploaded it cause i noticed a few grammar mistakes (boy do i hope i got them all)
In this story our main girl Lillian (female character from tale of two towns) is out on delivery duty when she stumbles upon something that will change everything for her.
Chapter 1:…
James , Angel (c) me 
Lillian, Grey Harvest moon (c) natsume nintendo 
i hope you like :iconblushplz: 
hey guys! 
its been a while since i uploaded something right? 3 years! probably forgot about me and my stories XD anyway i just wanted to say im back and im updating the story a little checking my mistakes and so on so eyes peeled! 
hey guys! 
its been a while since i uploaded something right? 3 years! probably forgot about me and my stories XD anyway i just wanted to say im back and im updating the story a little checking my mistakes and so on so eyes peeled! 


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